"ohh, it's just… too late in the season now, you won't be able to see it until winter. you're just a few weeks too late. they've even stopped updating the forecast site." and i just didn't understand. maybe i was being stubborn but i felt like i knew better and this trip, i was going to see aurora again. because as far as i knew, if it was dark enough under clear skies, and the sun was still in existence, which as i watched the sunset, it appeared it was - then i should be able to see the lights. and i did. i had to wait 'til just before 2am for twilight to reach it's tail end, but she was out and dancing just as magnificent as always. i've been wanting to feel more to tune into my intuition, and i don't find anything more satisfying than really knowing, and without question - i just knew to wait up for a dark sky that night. i know i speak for all four of us when i say that faro is an extraordinary place with an easy & abundantly flowing magic. as we were rolling into town on another gravel highway (ha, and we thought we'd smooth sailing after the dempster!), we noticed a strange trend coming to life. we were being waved at. a lot. in fact, there weren't any exceptions. every car we passed on the outskirts of town & in town waved.

faro is amazing like that. mel, thank goodness for that girl, had gained some incredible insight and guided us toward this town of a few hundred people for their crane & sheep festival, which in other words said - you're unconditionally welcomed to our community and all that we have. we were already riding highs from amazing people we'd bumped into earlier when our neighbours to the right at our campsite offered us two chairs for the girls in front of the blazin' fire we had going, and not before we could accept those, our neighbours to the left came to us with two more chairs for josh and myself. all before a local family of four pulled up in their pickup truck and unloaded the biggest stash of firewood you'd ever seen at a campsite. the whole thing was becoming surreal, and before we knew it, there i was yelling down at the three of them from a small hill because, to top everything off, the northern lights came out to play as well.

and because blog posts are better with honesty, the next morning after enjoying a free/donation breakfast for the grad class of 2010, josh & i hit the links and played a round of golf, now get this, in just three holes - snow, rain, hail, sunshine and what must've been gail force winds on a course that toured their entire town. what a blast we had! josh and i, of course, were easily the best golfers on the course that day. just don't ask how many others we saw playing, or how many balls we lost.

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