as i first sat down to write this post, i thought of splitting up some of the writing i would do to match the few different locations of the images i would include. but as i came closer gathering up some thoughts - it seemed as though it all really should stay together, because it's not just about one specific place, one particular moment, or one favourite person that creates a single experience. it's the way it all comes together, often with more than just one person, and en-route to a particular location, not at it. because let's face it, the drive into keno city, (population 27) was literally breathtaking, but it was just the start of the magic we experienced there. i knew this trip for me would begin when jen & i packed back home in vancouver figuring out how much of her stuff would end up in my backpack, but i also knew that getting into the heart of the yukon was when i'd really feel enlivened by these travels. our first night north of whitehorse was one of my favourites. we stumbled into, and (some of us) quite literally down remarkable mountains on our way to kathleen lake inside kluane national park. everything was wet, the firewood was soggy, it snowed, i think i had nutella on a spoon for dinner, but when you're hiking down to dance on a frozen lake at midnight during twilight - it's all right, and not only is it all right but tucking into your tent next to your very favourite person is something i wouldn't give up for the world.