it's the same feelings, same situation, different circumstances for me, every single time a trip ends. i come home so fulfilled and willingly hanging around in the best moments from weeks, nights, or just a day on the road. as we hit the arctic circle, and especially as we left dawson city up north and began driving south, slowly, the thought of that inevitableness of coming back to a usual life had well been growing within me and i didn't want it yet. i'd miss all the setting up tents at midnight in the middle of no where, the heavenly ten minute stops at gas stations, otherwise known as towns, to fill up with gas & ice cream, and give our legs a well deserved stretch. it would be hard leaving behind the absolute vastness of such a country, of just one territory and all the wildlife along the way. how would i explain how hard we, well i, had to work every morning to pack everything back into the trunk and backseat of our car, and the way we'd have to set the alarm fifteen minutes earlier to allot for that. how on earth would we ever justify ourselves laughing out loud on public transit back home while we replayed inside jokes from the trip in our mind. i guess we wouldn't, and the missing of those things is a part of life now - but they're definitely never gone, or too far away to pull back and talk about, share about.

on a lighter note, those of you on twitter know i've been cookin' up a little something extraordinary the past few days, and those of you not on twitter have no idea, unless you're stalking me on twitter without following me, which is approved as well. i shot a little video on our trip, enough to inspire a desire to knock together my very first imovie! i'm really proud of me, and now wish i'd shot more video but - skip all the photos, scroll down to the bottom and have a look! enjoy!

the yukon - pushing north from sean norman on vimeo.