a few days earlier while we were in adorable little keno, which by the way, was named after the gambling game, a few locals told us to try and push dawson city back toward the end of the week as far as we could. because things just... weren't open yet, it was spring thaw and we were in the tail end of it. we arrived on wednesday, and the bakery opened thursday. the ice cream shop was training new staff for the real tourist season we were ahead of. the ice bridge to the other side of town had just melted, and the ferry didn't go in 'til saturday, or take the first campground we rolled into... "we're... open, if you like, but our toilets & showers are still frozen". we did find one campground just outside of town where we were able to pitch our tents for three nights straight, which may not seem like a big deal, but after days and days of driving and throwing our tents together & apart in darkness on frozen tundra - it was the biggest treat of our trip. dawson was like that for us, we had just knocked out the dempster highway, and here we were ready to settle down for a few days to really enjoy a slower pace, throwin' rocks at icebergs, complete meals (nutella WITH bread), hours of hiking, sunsets from the top of the world, and even ice cream in the sunshine. that's the great thing about dawson city, there are dozens of things you know you wanted to come for, and about another dozen that you didn't even know existed but are ready for you too. like gold panning! dawson city, i'll see you again this winter!