georgia. a lot of people don't even know it's a country. infact, i didn't either up until a few years ago when i still watched the news. it's one of those countries that when people find out you're going, they beg to ask the 'why would you want to go there? you can go anywhere you want, why would you go there?' question. what is georgia anyway? i don't really have a beautifully articulated answer of why i was there, or what there was to experience. it was just one of those experiences. it wasn't a comfort country. it wasn't a norway, or a france. english isn't spoken, and locals aren't accustomed to travellers. local folks curiosity peaks increasingly with each block walked from the marketplace, but we're really all the same.they pause for cover from a passing rainstorm under local business awnings just like us, and they pack themselves into make shift public transportation much like us. they get out to their beaches with friends in the afternoon, and they hang their laundry dry over their balcony. people are not so different, and it feels pretty awesome to realise that conclusion in a place so far away from 'home'.

don't ever change for anyone, georgia. you're unmistakably amazing, and i know you'll keep evolving into more.

and so by the early evening, we were back onboard heading in and out of sun showers and thunderstorms. sail on for the next.