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Thirty-six hours in New York City, and yet another posh hotel.  I knew New York would carry a certain sort of... energy, but it wasn't anything like I was expecting.  You see, the beautiful thing about travelling is we create our own experience and there's no one in the world to tell you what you should be doing.  The most beautiful part of it all is discovering those gems of restaurants hidden behind back side streets, quiet little cafes & the lesser spoken of parks nestled away from every other Canadian tourist living out of a Lonely Planet guide book.  Naturally, taking a walk through Central Park to watch a kick ball game and sitting in the middle of Times Square at twilight have their own particular charms as well.

I am incredibly embarrassed to say that my backpack now weighs a very solid 26.6 - 27 kgs, depending on how gently I set it down on the airport scale at check-in.  I've always sworn I'd never be that backpacker with the disgustingly heavy backpack because I know first hand just how ridiculous that is, however, because I went to New York and single handedly helped to end your recession by spending more cash than I'd like to admit down Broadway & 5th Ave within six hours - I'm entirely entitled to how heavy my backpack now weighs.  I told you I had a thing for posh hotels & shopping.  I wasn't kidding, I don't just make this stuff up - and now you know for sure.












Goodbye to New York City for now, and while I'll be back someday, it's once again time to move on.  Finally that flight overseas awaits me, and not without it's challenges of an incomplete booking to my final destination and no internet access to book that last leg on but my dying iTouch & expensive airport wi-fi.  I love spontaneity, but this may just be a little to...