someone had to be the last one back on the ship. and since you - not you, not you, -  YOU, were being paged four times for the on-time departure of your aircraft through the entire domestic terminal building five minutes after our scheduled departure time, and ended up delaying me going home by five minutes at the end of the night, it was my turn. except my name wasn't paged. and i didn't delay our ship. and it was five minutes PRIOR to departure time. plus, i remembered watching that discovery channel special on the brand new oasis of the seas ship - the part where a millionaire delays the ship by six hours or something ridiculous. so you know what, m/s prinsendam, you weren't going anywhere without me for a while yet ANYWAY. and frankly, since you charge $.70/minute for internet on your ship (that's why your emails weren't returned ;) ha!), i was going to milk every last second out of the free wifi at the only starbucks i saw on our entire three week trip. in any case, this post is about the most amazing haircut, shave, and ear hair burning, not why i was the last of 800 something people to board a cruise ship in a small city halfway across the world where english isn't really spoken. sounds fascinating, i know. but hei, you must think so because you're the one here reading about it. that, or most of you are just too loyal to this space on the web.

so, after i finished having a brief conversation in turkglish with a lady who was watching me take a photo from her home of her locked-in-a-glass-stand-day-old pretzels, i decided not to purchase one and that the image wasn't even worth keeping on my camera anyway. scruffy - way too lazy to shave, and in need of a haircut (and a good facial hair trimmer for that matter) - well not really about the haircut, but it's fun to try and negotiate a new hairstyle with someone whom you don't communicate through words isn't it? plus, for 20 turkish lira, how can you go wrong for an experience like that. i think i wrote to jen that night - write an email on my iphone, save it as a draft, and log-in to the internet to sent it and log out immediately after i've downloaded all my incoming mails to read them offline. because if you think i'm going to sit there and compose an essay while i pay $.70/minute for the connection, you're... i can't say those words on my blog. but if i could find that email i wrote jen that night, i would copy and paste it because i enthusiastically described in detail the best hair cut of my life, best shave of my life, and one of my favourite travel experiences so far in life. complete with a new hairstyle, clean shave from just a single razor blade, having the hair burnt off my face by flame, and a hands on experience of having my head dunked under a running tap WITHOUT plugging my nose, i was ready to take on kuşadası, turkey. one of my favourite ports. (photos of my hair in greece is up next).

moonlight aviation photography anyone? spot the aeroplane and vapourtrail!