Wild horses couldn't stop me. It wasn't our usual weekend. There wasn't going to be two of us this time, it was just me. I wasn't staying with anyone I had met before, but in the north, you don't worry about that sort of thing anyway. The temperatures weren't even going to be comfortably uncomfortable, they were just uncomfortable. And discovered as recently as 24 hours ago, not only does ice fog roll into Yellowknife and frost everything in the most beautiful white I promise you've ever seen in your life, but it also takes a... dry, tolerable? -40°C to -40°C with 100% percent humidity. Which is really fun. But there's one thing that was the same, my eager anticipation of what unexplainable beauty the hours upon hours of sunrises and sunsets would bring by day, and how the lights would dance, or not, come night. There are no guarantees the lights will come play, even on the most perfect long winter nights of clear weather, but I can tell you this time, going four for four on nightly aurora viewings was something really special. More to come.