Last night, Anna & I travelled an hour North of Helsinki up to Lahti to meet Tea & Mikko for a late evening bridal session.  They were married back in April in front of close friends & family after nearly five years of dating, and just held their reception last weekend.  Lahti is a cute little town of 100,000, and like every single other city in Finland - drive five minutes from the centre of town, and you're in the thick of the Finnish countryside flipping from dense forest to open wildflower fields.

Anyway, we caught a train just before 18:00 from Helsinki and while it wasn't nearly as beautiful as the sunset ride back home a few hours later - what stunning scenery along the way!  Hard to focus attention to a shoot when there's so much beauty along the way just out the window, but regardless!  I had an amazing time with these two, and I know Anna did as well but I'll let you venture over to her blog in a couple days to get a better feel.  Tea & Mikko were up for anything, and it was so refreshing - I love having that sort of freedom with my photography, it absolutely lets the creativity flow through from inspiration.  Tea went bare foot for our entire session - I seriously don't know how she did it, but it was adorable!  Thank you two so much for such a wonderful time, I had a blast with you both! Really can't wait to see you two again and chat & laugh over hockey, bad Estonian drivers & other ridiculous Finnish phrases I've since learned.









Cutest ever!

We found a brilliant industrialish location, and started on the outside until I half accidentally fell through an unlocked door in the fence, and couldn't resist bringing the shoot into the courtyard!  Here's to hoping we don't receive some mysterious trespassing fine in the post over the next year! Hah!