This northern light chasing business (see what I did there?) is proving to challenge a skill I thought I had long established from my wedding photography days; quality over quantity. Because now living under the northern lights every night, and making them part of my career (luckiest person in the world), it's far, far too easy to get caught up in photographing them the way I would when I lived in Vancouver... Excessively. If I fall into that now - it'll be a thousand images in a week, and NorthwesTel would have a thing or two to say about that as I back them up to Google Drive, believe me. 

So when the aurora lights up the entire sky for a few hours straight - completely unforecasted as anything extraordinary, it takes an entirely new level of self control to only walk away with five or so for a blog post. How many I end up storing on Google Drive, however, is likely going to be another story. 

Here's a minute and a half video shot with my 5D Mark III in real-time at the end of the evening. Watch right until the end - I promise you'll regret it if you don't.