All day, the sky was to clear up at midnight. No matter how many times I checked the radar, by midnight, the weather should improve to just a few clouds at midnight, kind of magically. It didn't really make sense where the current system was disappearing to, but only that at midnight we should be in pretty good shape.
So when we were out of the house and heading through the city at a quarter to 11p, I thought we may be in a little bit of trouble and for a longer night of driving. But not a half hour later pulling out of the drive-thru at Tim Horton's with our warm drinks heading back out of the city along Old Airport Road had the skies begun to clear, dramatically. And almost immediately upon getting out of the car lakeside, we were beginning to see very, very faint curtains of the aurora against a bright twilight sky. And with thanks to the second of two incoming flares arriving in perfect time, we had a long, breathtaking night under the lights, with just the perfect amount of cloud, where I personally witnessed & photographed colours of the aurora I never had before. 

And now I have to put in another new print order for canvases back at the guesthouse. ...great. But really, it was.