it really reminded me of venice. in the sense that, i knew there wasn't any way in hell i was going to navigate a city of non-streets with few signs in a language that wasn't even the same alphabet, let alone the same language. fortunately, there was a pretty large body of water on one side of mykonos, and if i could see the water, i could probably find the cruise ship, so navigation quickly became irrelevant. rendezvousing with a sign that literally pointed at where you may want to go was also a nice convenience. there was one other small issue that needed to be addressed, and it had to do with my suitcase quickly approaching the fifty pound mark. i packed light because obviously i was going to bring europe's economy back to life, but i didn't really anticipate doing it on a €395 pair of jeans with a €93 belt. seriously. ever heard of prince oliver? that's alright, neither had i. but i figured at nearly €500 for a pair of jeans with a belt, it had to be a pretty decent brand. and if it's any consolation, they are my absolute favourite pair of jeans i have EVER owned. the belt is also my favourite. so should you and i happen to rendezvous while my waist is still a 29, and i'm wearing jeans - just compliment me and ask me how many hundreds of dollars i must've paid for such a great looking pair. ;)

i think it's also worth mentioning at this point that the jeans and belt were 80% off. i love my fashion, but i'm not that stupid. yet. perhaps soon though.

speaking of fashion, eagerly anticipate my following post for a real sense of class ;)

THAT folks, is the seven dollar haircut that i wrote an entire blog post on. i think we can all agree that prices in turkey and prices and greece just do not line up.

how could it NOT be an awesome idea to run backwards on a beach with my camera ten inches from a crashing wave. it's okei, you don't have to tell me how smart i am now. you can save it for another time :)