there are a few things that are awesome. actually, speaking of awesome - seen those maxwell house commercials? i just discovered 'the book of awesome' from one, i think it'll be in my home soon. there are a lot of awesome things for me. like working for an airline that has some pretty sweet flight benefits. a really cool girlfriend, who has amazing family. i also have infinite patience, which is great, because travelling standby requires it. sometimes you don't really get to where you intended when you planned this trip 24 hours ago. like flying into campbell river to spend half a day with a friend, and then drive a half hour to your girlfriend's grandparents. sometimes instead, you board the other plane that leaves 15 minutes earlier to comox, because there was one seat open on that one, and only a second one because someone mysteriously didn't show up at the gate for their flight (thanks, friendwhocouldn'tgetyourselftothegateontime). describing awesome isn't easy. everyone knows it. we all have our little 'isms' that make our lives click. family, tea, bored board games, forest, weather, delicious food, new folks, creating, twilight skies. sometimes i wish i wasn't so patient, but understanding follows close at hand, and with that comes making peace and enjoying. enjoying the awesome.