it's my brother's fault. yeah, what older sibling hasn't said that in front of an audience before ;) he made me watch a conspiracy show about how solar flares will end our planet because they'll knock out all our power grids. the only thing that came to mind for me? ...well, at least i'll croak watching the most amazing aurora this earth will have ever seen, and then when i'm up floating around up in non-physical a few moments later, i'll REALLY have a view to die for. things happen quickly for me. it's kind of like - i speak it, get giddy about it, forget about it, and it materializes. it's a pretty cool way to move through life. granted, sometimes it gets a little bit out of control. coincidence, creation, rendezvousing... call it what you will. wednesday's are THE day. they're the day i ask to the sun to have a little pow-wow, a little solar flare, and then spew solar wind straight for the earth, so that by the time it arrives at earth on friday and saturday evening, i'm up in yellowknife under infinite stars on the edge of still lakes. so with solar wind en-route to earth, jen and i again jumped a flight up north and had the show of a lifetime. again.

somehow, at our b&b once we arrived and were getting settled in, i had this crazy idea of seeing a thunderstorm and the northern lights simultaneously. and seriously, that night, sheet lightning rolls overhead and off into the distance as the aurora comes out. you just can't make this stuff up... check out the clouds on the horizon.