There is so much I want to write, so much I want to say thank you for. Not only making both of my flights on standby travel, but being assigned a window seat on one, and the bulkhead (row with extra legroom) on the other. Surviving a snowstorm in Frankfurt airport and still getting out on time to connect in Oslo for my third & final leg up to Tromso, where I'll now reside for the next week and a half. I have to tell you, 28 hours of travel from Vancouver to Tromso was exhausting but on the 27th hour up at 35,000 feet looking out the window and seeing the aurora borealis dance again for the first time in two years & one month - I forgot all about being tired, or how wrinkled my clothes were, or just how utterly disgusting I was. It was magic, and not a thing in the world can compare. So while I sit here in the living room, enjoying being interrupted every few minutes by Kjetil's two boys who are in LOVE with Guitar Hero - I feel indeed, richly blessed.

The sun has set on Tromso outside, and twilight is quickly approaching which means just after we sit down to dinner here now - we are off into the countryside until the wee hours of the morning to chase the northern lights, my absolute favourite.