every single person who knows me intimately, not at all, or just on twitter - isn't that right, samantha, knows that my idea of night life, and probably 98.7% of the rest of the world's idea of night life, are polar opposites indeed. but once you see it, there is no denying it. i got a text from a friend as i was leaving for this trip. it was different from a lot of others. it wasn't the... 'yellowknife again? why are you going there? you can go anywhere westjet flies, why would you choose yellowknife?' text.it was different, it inspired something really unique, and my thirty seconds of focus on this particular text message sent me spiralling into every reason i go. a friend of a friend saw my some of my aurora posts, and wants to come see the northern lights for herself one day. 'i don't have the money right now, but one day soon i want to go.'

i love you all very much, but i've never cared very much what you think. i don't live anything in my life for the approval, agreement, or praise of others. i just aim to do what i love to do the most. i'm a pretty simple person. spending as many nights in my life, as the bank account will allow, under the northern lights is something i haven't been able to get away from since i experienced it first a few years ago in norway. and i hope it never stops, because inspiring new friends to what i love so much, is almost as thrilling to me as just doing it for myself.

here's night two of last weekend - september the third, and early on the fourth. enjoy, friends.