let's start with a little law of attraction story shall we? i always enjoy them immensely, and don't really care if you don't because this is my blog ;) ha. so i was doing a little self serve laundry on the ship the night before we 'docked' in monemvasia, greece, and was sitting with three or four ladies about two or three times my age. i was killing pigs on my iphone, and they inquired as to how i was able to do that with no buttons. i explained it was a touch screen and at their request showed them more. they were impressed. so as i waited for a washing machine, the conversation carried forward into how amazing and beautiful tomorrow would be, all the things there were to do. apparently there was a great hike you could do for a spectacular view, and one of the ladies talked about how she always carries certain things with her when she goes ashore - like duct tape. that struck me as odd. her list of things she was carrying ashore probably weighed half as much as her. but to each their own. many folks wouldn't be stupid enough to carry their brand new, unlocked iphone4 in their pocket through a bunch of european cities while on vacation either. so again, to each their own. well, as we threw down the anchor just off the coast of monemvasia, i was sitting out on the deck having breakfast, admiring the gorgeous sunrise, loving all the incredible cloudscapes passing over, in my shorts and a t-shirt. equipped with my 'necessities' to go ashore for the day - my year and a half old cole hann flip-flops, iphone, and 5d tucked away inside my shoulder bag with a spare lens. after a delicious breakfast about a foot under cover from the complete torrential downpour out on the deck, i hopped one of the lifeboats to shore and started up this incredible hike. in my flip flops. for a little while anyway. i must've been about 7/8ths of the way to the top when my left flip flop flung right off my foot and into the sharp shrubbery at the side of the muddy trail. at least it wasn't right off the side of the cliff. that REALLY would have made me laugh.

ahhh, this is a very interesting scenerio i have got myself into here was my immediate thought. i could have SWORN i was just in a conversation about duct tape twelve hours ago, and here i am. after pulling out some long grass from it's root tying it in a knot around my flip-flop and foot, it just wasn't going to knot tight enough to keep my beloved flip-flop on. the thought of continuing FORWARD barefoot was more appealing than having my flip-flop fly off my foot every second step, but it was really muddy. and jagged rocks were abundant. a retired lady who i smiled at as i started the hike had caught me at this point. i had never been more jealous of running shoes in my life. "...you don't happen to have any duct tape do you?" negative. but she did offer me the string from her cowboy hat. i couldn't decline.

which suite are you in? i'll have it back to you by the end of the evening, mud-free. sure enough, she was right on top of us. literally - their suite was right above ours. and by the end of the night, she had her shampoo smelling, cowboy hat string back, along with some biscotti and home-made chocolate from a local bakery. i couldn't resist as a small token of my appreciation.

and who did i run into as we were dis-embarking the ship in rome two days later?  judy. the duct tape carrying lady i had met in the laundromat. boy, do i have a story for you, i said...

how stunning is this monastery at the top of the hike? AMAZING!