my weekends are dramatic. my entire life is pretty dramatic, because i like it that way, mostly, but for the sake of you making it down to the photos - let's just talk about my weekends. let's talk about yellowknife, the northern lights, and a woman with a heart bigger than the sky. jennifer, on the other hand, who has learnt to deal with my dramatics via a heart of steel, told me 'things will work out. they always work out for you. just chill. something'll come up.' i shouted back 'NO! IT'S NOT OKEI!' in an all caps text to her early wednesday night. i KNEW we had to be in yellowknife friday night for the weekend, and i knew going up for just one night saturday would be greatly unsatisfying. friends places were full, my three favourite bed and breakfasts' were completely booked. friday of a long weekend, you're forever my good friend and arch nemesis. so in a last ditch effort at about midnight on wednesday, i tweeted something to the effect of being jealous of samantha seeing the aurora outside her home in yellowknife. not three tweets later, jen and i had a bed, not just a floor, but a bed, for friday night. we were going, and we weren't going to have to share a tent with the bears in the forest. so what do you say about meeting someone else who, too, shakes with giddiness as the skies miraculously clear in the evening after a day of total overcast skies? how do you tell the story of feeling like family in a cozy home with perfect people, or finally straining our neck once again watching the aurora borealis dance the skies until three in the morning over a still lake? i don't really think you do. this is friday night, saturday night is up next.