Sometimes I just love to talk about how photogenic a couple is together, I mean actually dwell on it because I find it fascinatingly perfect. Enter Chris & Joanne, two who are exactly that. Chris & I have been trying to organise this for some time now, but it's proved to be challenging with our schedules because if he isn't off flying our aircraft, I'm busy sending them out or maintenance is working on them in the hangar. I met with Joanne at YVR, and we waited for Chris to finish his pairing and then beat the very aircraft he was flying over to the company hangar on the other side of the airport where we went to work in front of the camera.

Photographers, I know you know those shoots where it is entirely effortless knocking out image after image because your clients are so comfortable, and at such ease with one another it feels like you can shoot all night... This ranks extraordinary high there for me. And we probably could have done, but the boys at maintenance needed the aircraft and the mosquitos were RELENTLESS. I've never experienced them like that before. I have 8 bites on my neck alone. Insanity.

And for maybe the first time in my life, someone else put more effort into their hair than what I usually do. Or maybe it just seemed that way with Joanne helping you fix those headset flat spots, Chris ;) Enjoy you two, and all the absolute best on the 14th for your wedding day!