Our last few days was a total mixed bag as far as scenery, weather & adventures go. After I spent a couple of hours on the deck watching for any Aurora activity after leaving Juneau, we arrived in Skagway the following morning to a lot of fog, a lot of low cloud and about 6,000 cruise ship tourists in a town of 800 people. Thankfully, we stepped off the tourist trail 15 minutes and had the entire mountains to ourselves.

The next solid day and a half at sea was spent rocking around at the mercy of the Pacific Ocean. We missed our call at Ketchikan with gale force 11 winds - hurricane force winds! While there were a lot of people taking part in the whole sea sickness thing, I found the entire experience exhilarating. To me, there was nothing more exciting than watching from the windows, and from our balcony, the waves crash up against the front of the ship sending us up high to come crashing back down again! I was in love with every single moment of it. Except when the winds were gusting the 110 km/h and I couldn't physically push our balcony door open...

While some of you have probably seen enough of Alaska from me to last a lifetime, I still haven't and I know I'll be back, probably next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. Thank you for the complete abundance of blog love for this entire series, it makes it all the sweeter to me.

We're docked in Skagway!



Scott & I opted not for any organized tours in Skagway, and explored the area through some solid hiking up to a region of lakes...






Bit of a sad sight for me leaving those Arctic waters for the Pacific again.

Let me tell you, the waters might not look like much here - but they were in fact pretty violent out there!

The Diamond Princess we were following home turning around!

Just a little on the rough side...





If only it was like this the other six nights...