we looked up out the sun roof, out the side windows, straight out of the front windshield and we were socked in. it was all a mess of orange and bright white puffy no-goodness. hours passed at a variety of still lakes, at different pull offs along the ingraham trail. cell service came and went with the kilometres driven, the clouds didn't. we were watching the aurora dance through the now broken cloud, but it was about to become one of those nights. the kind of night i once spent with good friend, kjetil, when we started off in tromsø, along the norwegian coast, and ended up in finland still chasing for clear skies. it was now one of those nights. it was one of those nights i would be sitting at home on my couch, glancing up to my mac where open i had a chrome browser with aurora max's live shot of the yellowknife sky. their 360 degree webcam was filled with a transparent layer of broken cloud, and bands of aurora stretching the entire sky. we stopped the car, looked straight up, and were baffled. really baffled. 'that's the sky above yellowknife'. i would look straight up... 'this is the sky above yellowknife. i don't underSTAND!' but as we drove back toward the city, the skies cleared, star square footage almost seemed to match cloud square footage, and finally, after four hours under starless skies, a calm green danced the night away.