it was early in the night again when jen and i were in the living room making friends with another couple, from vancouver as well, when we spotted a faint band appearing between the quickly passing clouds. we loved the company so much. travelling so far north and of course rendezvousing with another couple so invested, and adoring... appreciating the sky as we do... you can't describe how it feels. you just have to feel it, and connect with it. we milked such a pleasant time as we ran out onto great slave lake, at times dancing our bodies backwards into the wind out there, and maybe it was only a few minutes of the northern lights so early, but coming so far and missing it so much back home, i was determined to milk every moment of this. we did. we absolutely did. so when jason met us out front of the bayside b&b on our way out of the city lights, it wasn't anything like having to land an aircraft on a frozen lake covered in large snow drifts, but i suppose we took a little bit of a chance crashing through them in the car to pass over to a more isolated area of vee lake. the winds were gusty. 55 kilometres an hour gusty. and it was already -29 degrees celsius as we piled out of the car for a second consecutive dance party in the sky. and on the ground. both jen and i busted out moves in a -50 something windchill throughout the night ;)

it's never easy leaving something you love that you don't have constant access to, but we would come back soon. we had to. so by the time three something in the morning had rolled around, we had packed up our cameras and chased a fox or two back up the lake on the way into town. and as typically canadian as it was, we pulled up to tim horton's drive-thru ordering extra-large warm drinks & a doughnut each knowing it wouldn't be the last time either...

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