This is a post that has been in the works for the better part of two years, and two weeks. Everything I've ever wanted to say about a home, my home, just... home, IKEA says here, perfectly. There's one other thing I do know, and that is, home is the best place in the entire world. Just about everything changed in one night. I soon became best friends with my bank tellers, leaving with pockets full of laundry loonies and quarters monthly. I've had cereal for dinner, more than once a week. I learnt, and am still learning, how to change ceiling lights, and how three way dimmer switches work. I've blown fuses. I've scraped absurd amounts of candle wax off fiber-board TV stands, and learnt that frozen wax will chip off wood, metal, and fabric at a single touch. I've also learnt that pouring boiling water over wax will wash it away. Cleaning glass with newspapers DOES leave streaks. Horrible streaks. No one puts up photos without a level better than me. There is no such thing as too much storage space. If you leave your sweaty hockey equipment on your balcony in winter, it will freeze. Having a friend ship you €30 IKEA roller blinds from Amsterdam IS worth it. LED lighting makes everything cooler. You can never have too many tealights. Running a Christmas light extension cord inside through your slider door does create drafts. Groceries on the bus SUCK. Groceries in the trunk of your brand new Ford Fiesta is heaven. And of course, I now plaster nail holes better than Scott McGillivray.

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The old front bedroom of mine on Citation Drive.

Now what would the last blog post of the year be without my favourites from 2012.

Make sure you watch in HD! Enjoy, friends.