I think I'm getting carried away.

It's about noctilucent clouds. And while they're certainly not the northern lights - to most people, the excitement for them in this little guesthouse right now is probably something you wouldn't consider to be normal. But just look at them - how could you not be overly enthusiastic about them?
It's seemed the past week, we begin our evenings driving through the countryside to quiet little lakes, reflecting as a mirror would, sunset skies, past foxes on the side of the highway, arriving to faint noctilucent clouds on the northern horizon. Slowly we begin to notice a faint arc of the northern lights low on the horizon, and some time later, sometimes five minutes, sometimes an hour and five minutes, it is racing across the sky in vibrant colours. That has been typical, and that is something which just cannot be taken for granted. I don't believe it's possible.