Just imagine the possibilities if we had consistent cell phone service along the roadways outside of Yellowknife. 

For whatever reason last night, I wanted to get an earlier start to things. So we did.
Driving out of the city, and less than a minute from decision time - east vs. west decision time - a guest asked where we were going to go. And I told them I'm 95% sure we're going west. And then I went east.
So just as we were getting comfortable at Vee Lake, only a few kilometres from the beginning of the Ingraham Trail, the sky had cleared considerably, and already was lighting up with swirling greens, and to a well trained eye, oranges and pinks through the trees on the horizon.

Vee Lake was short lived however. Heavier cloud moved in, and we needed to get east. So we did. Then, miraculously, at a roadside pullout, I got a page of weather radar to load, and we really continued east. 
And within minutes of arriving at the edge of another lake, the sky lit up, again, with a lot more movement, and a whole lot more pink. 

Sometimes things just come together.

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