Seems a little cruel doesn't it? Just ask the trick-or-treaters.

It was the very last night of October, but for all intensive purposes and click-bait blog post titles (hint: this one), it was -22°C in October. The welcome-to-winter-enjoy-the-next-six-months-of-this felt nice, crisp, majestic, but it did make me instantly miss being able to freely, smoothly, and gently move my tripod ball head, and actually be able to, with just a reasonable amount of physical force, adjust the aperture ring on my camera lens. But if you can't beat them - join them, they say, so just six more months of these beautiful nights then. Because there are worse things in life. Like 21 hours a day of sunlight, 24 hours of daylight, 30°C temperatures, and well, summer.