I don't make a habit of returning home at 04:00 from a night of aurora chasing, but some nights it's necessary, so we allow it based on sleeping until noon the next day. And if anyone at the guesthouse makes any noise before noon, their nightly rate doubles immediately. 

We arrived way out on a lake just off the Ingraham Trail just before 22:00 as usual, but were stuck with a stubbornly north IMF (interplanetary magnetic field - we need south for auroras). Shortly after midnight, conditions were becoming unsettled, and with a few consistent dips south, by 01:45, a curtain began to break over the mountain, and in minutes the entire sky was dancing with greens over a landscape that brought me right back to my early aurora chasing days in Tromsø, Norway with someone I admire very much, and one of the most amazing people I know - Kjetil Skogli.