Not because solar wind data was dead boring with absolutely no real fluctuations over an almost 20 hour period, which in fact, somehow happened to get worse while we were out on tour. But instead, because I used a different camera lens than I had been for the last several years.
One that, much to my surprise, had a lens cap on the front of it.
No one suffers in silence better than me when I'm convinced that there's something seriously wrong with a brand new, full manual, camera lens (well, there actually was, but that's geeky discussion for another time) straight out the box after you swore you checked everything over at home. But as it turns out, the camera shutter was working fine, the lens was functioning properly, and the reason all my photos, even at ISO 51,200, were completely black, was because the lens cap was on.

What a relief.

And the solar wind data? Yes, it was really, really not great, but this is why, my forecast fanatic friends, I don't place too much trust in those 'predictions'. Not in Yellowknife, anyway.