Weatherpersons? Or is it weatherpeople? It can't just be weathermen anymore. Can it?  
Maybe I'll just change the title of this post just so I don't have to address the issue and deal with this stupidity. That was probably politically incorrect as well, wasn't it?
I'm as big a feminist as Justin Trudeau himself, but just, who cares?

In any case, how typically Yellowknife things were yesterday. 
Grey. All day. It was Vancouver grey. No definition in the clouds. Nothing moving. It was solid overcast all day, and it began looking like it was going to be a really long night, with a lot of driving. And somewhere between maybe 22:00, and 22:01, the skies cleared completely. From solid overcast, to solid stars, in probably a heartbeat. How? How? I'll leave that one to every single weather... forecaster that predicted things wouldn't break up until 04:30.

(Nope, keeping the title of this post after all.) And also keeping these four, beautiful Brasilians & Argentinians for one more night. xo xo.