I always try to tell my guests... Don't place too much of your energy into a bad weather forecast for the evenings in Yellowknife. I don't know how to describe it, or maybe justify it, but there's a little bit of magic that happens around here it feels like.
After some 40+mm of rain from the time this little guesthouse woke up at 9a (which is unusual - we're advocates of late nights, and much later mornings than that) until somewhere around supper time, the rain didn't stop, at all. Then, the skies parted. It was perfect. Like, really perfect. The arrival of a CME (coronal mass ejection) began buffeting earth's magnetic field sparking some stunning auroras up here just as twilight fell upon us. And for hours we enjoyed just the best evening, all the way with the drive home in the pouring rain after a lightning flash & rumble of thunder directly overhead. 

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