Although highway 3 could use more than a little of it, that's for sure. 

But this was more of an advance mental planning type of prepaving. The forecast was calling for thundershowers all around the Yellowknife area within a few hundred kilometres last night, so I knew they were going to be out there. And at a quiet point through the night, and there was a lot of quiet time last night, I laughingly said out loud, wouldn't it be great if these light clouds continued to push back east, the massive cloud bank to the south lit up with lightning, and the aurora just completely broke out overhead. And, well... At about 2, it all did.

But it was a very patient game yesterday. From the time we left the house at 22:00, to about quarter to one in the morning, there wasn't a sign of our lady. By nearly 1am, a very, very faint proton arc (second photo) appeared in the west, and of course, almost an hour later, we had it all - except for a photo of the lightning lighting up a cloud bank that seemed to carry the entire distance back to Yellowknife.