Anticipation is a game you'll play up here, whether you want to or not. 

But it's perhaps the worst for me. I know how unbelievable, breathtaking, superlative, superlative, superlative, the aurora can be. So when, at the beginning of the night, after I've driven 70 kilometres to the literal end of the road, and the sky is quiet but I'm now pointing at virtually invisible streaks in a fairly bright twilight sky - my guests legitimately begin to think I've lost my mind. And that may be true, but there's just that knowing of the possibility that within minutes, the faintest streak can take off climbing all over the sky faster than you can imagine to light up the entire landscape. And sometimes it doesn't happen, but a lot of times it does, and last night, after a few hours of my (least) favourite game, it happened. 

Of course, I wasn't able to resist a little more real time video last night, and I also wasn't able to resist, again, using beautiful Jónsi & Alex to accompany it.