So there we were - just outside Yellowknife under late clearing skies, huddling around close with each other, trying to find some shelter from a -19° arctic wind, a little like penguins - except, you know, being situated in the northern hemisphere and all.
The aurora was gently arcing above the northern horizon, early enough to feel optimistic that over the night we would see her return as she faded away.
And as we stood outside tonight, we traded kismet-type-feeling love stories, and if there was one constant commonality in the few stories between the bunch of us, it was that the most wonderful things just seemed to happen as we least expected it. 

Which was not great news tonight, because while we were under unexpectedly clear skies, we were also expecting the return of the aurora - which we never did end up with, and so begs the question, how do you unexpect something?