I've never been driving anywhere, anytime in my life, where I've had to actually slow my car to a stop because there was no visibility. Before last night.

And except for in Iceland. A place known for it's storms and extreme weather. 

After some kilometres, we eventually drove out of the snow globe that was Yellowknife, slowing the car to less than 10kmh passing semi trucks on the highway because of the snowstorms they'd throw up moving by. For almost a hundred kilometres, we passed in and out of isolated blizzards, in and out of broken cloud until we did reach clear skies. Clear skies with snow storms blowing up from the sides of the highway at something around gusts of 65kmh - moving a lot faster than the car. Gusts of blowing snow creating zero visibility that again slowed us down to not moving at all along the highway. On the lake, there were no horizons, no perspective. Everything was surreal, every minute of every hour.

In short, last night felt like being in one of those Icelandic storms, and it was an amazing, amazing feeling. One I will never forget. It felt like the experience of a lifetime.