Any National Lampoons Christmas/European Vacation fans out there? 

Look kids, there's some stars and there's the aurora! There it is, there it is, there it is!

I knnnoowww. I can't seem to get far enough north to those clear skies yet, but don't worry, we'll get out from under these clouds in a minute. Kids - the aurora! Stars! 

It's absolutely - it's amazing, I just cannot get north.

Because this is what last night felt like. We found clear skies. We were watching the aurora dance pink in the clear sky on the horizon that we just could not get north enough to. We were as far north as the roads would take us. The ice road further north had closed earlier that day. Trucks were backed up. We just could not get north. Finally, later in the night - we were far enough north. No thanks to the highway network, but to the clear skies reaching a little further south.